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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Tax Return...
My tax return has to be in by this Friday or I get fined £100 - motivation enough you might think to fill in those pesky electronic boxes. Normally I wouldn't mind leaving it until the last minute if it meant I could hang on for a little bit longer to some of my hard earned cash (did I mention I worked a 12 hour day yesterday?). But now I've sat down and done the figures it turns out that our beloved Inland Revenue actually owes me money and not the other round. D'oh. So I could have been 180 smackers better off last April if only I'd got my bum in gear and applied for the rebate then. Come on Jonce: Gear. In. Bum. Get. Do any of you guys fill in tax returns on time or do you leave it to the last minute like me?

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