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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

A sad time...
Tomorrow is Mark's Dad's funeral proper. But as is custom, the body is brought into the church the day before. So this afternoon I'm going up to Coventry for today's service and I won't be back until Friday lunch time.

Funerals are funny old things really. An opportunity to celebrate someone's life and to grieve their passing, obviously. But also a chance to meet those relatives that you see only rarely. So it's with mixed emotions that I'm heading up to Coventry. I looking forward to seeing Mark as we've been apart for a few days. I'm very sad that Mark's Dad has died - especially from a lung cancer brought on by a work related illness. But I'm also looking forward to seeing all of Mark's family. They're a handsome bunch and we always have fun when we're together. Should I feel guilty about looking forward to a funeral? Probably.

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