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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

My Weekend...
Started with a quiet night in Friday night - just Marky and I - and we had a lot of fun. Just watching TV and being all coupley. The next morning I was up early as a couple of bundles of joy had arrived (more of that later) and then on Saturday afternoon I went down to Vauxhall to see David, Matthew and Richard's new gaff. And very nice it is too; big, spacey and bright. A clutch of queens were there and mucho boozo was consumed; ipso facto fun was had by all. People started to drift off in the evening but Jason, Phil, Gary and I hung around probably slightly longer than we should have done as we were having such a good time. Eventually I dragged myself away to join Marky at the Ram Bar for Jimmy and his boyfriend's 25th anniversary together. It was an all night do and eventually to crawled home about 6:30am - not that we got to sleep then. I was up again soon after playing video games until it was time to head off to the RVT (first time in months). All the usual suspects were there plus one I'd not met before. Plus I had a chance to meet Andy Almighty who promised me something (that I will hold him to!)

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