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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Strike while the iron is hot...
The strike action today in London village is the first of two by members of the RMT and ASLEF unions in a long-running dispute about pay - the second one is due next Tuesday. London Underground have refused to 'cave in' over demands over and above the 3% on the table.

Ken Livingstone weighed in with: "This is another reason that convinces me absolutely that there's virtually no-one at the top of London Underground who has London's interests at heart. Nor is there almost anyone at the top of London Underground who will be there after it is transferred to the control of myself and Bob Kiley."

Threats? From Ken? Say it isn't true.

In related news: The Victoria Line is completely closed down. So I get an extra hour or two under the duvet while I wait for the scrum at our nearest bus stop to subside. Check out how things are going in your neck of the woods.

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