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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Straight acting...
Ever wondered what the expression 'straight acting' means? As far as I can tell it seems to be used by gay men in personal adverts and on contact sites like Gaydar and Gay.com to suggest they are neither camp nor queeny. The funny thing is that most of these people are as camp as the day is long. I guess 'acting' is the crucial word here, guys.

And now some wag has searched through the Gaydar listings looking for men who describe themselves at 'straight acting' (of more often str8acting) but some of whom have the campest profiles. So I give you a brief selection from:-

The Str8acting Hall of Shame

click for a bigger pichttp://gaydar.co.uk/delbo95
Delbo says that "camp does nothing for me". Sweetly he lists MURIEL'S WEDDING and GIMME GIMME GIMME among his favourites

click for a bigger pichttp://gaydar.co.uk/si_nlondon
Simon loves BEACHES, WILL AND GRACE and Ryan Philippe, but doesn't like men who are "too camp"

click for a bigger pichttp://gaydar.co.uk/grasshopper
Grasshopper insists that he's not "a camp queen or a disco bunny". But he likes to show his sensitive side by posing with a fluffy soft toy. And if you check out his profile, do admire his denim shorts

These are just a small selection, of course. Other 'straight acting' poofs can be seen at The Str8acting Hall of Shame photo album.

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