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Friday, September 27, 2002

T-Bird or a Pink Lady?...
Strangely - despite releasing a karaoke DVD version of Grease in 1998 - Paramount have never agreed to do a Sing-a-long-a Grease in the same mode of Sing-a-long-a Sound-Of-Music. Until now that is.

Tonight Darren (who is the new manager at the Prince Charles cinema - the home of Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music) is hosting the UK launch party of the Grease DVD re-release and Paramount have specially agreed to a screening in the Sing-a-long-a format as a one off. Hopefully if it's a success it might become a more permanent feature.

And the wonderful Darren has promised that I can sit in the balcony and watch from above. Watch and sing. And dance. So what should I dress as for the big night ahead - a T-Bird or a Pink Lady? On second thoughts. Don't answer that!

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