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Monday, September 09, 2002

Six Feet Under - Season Two...
From Six Feet Under: Season One FinaleThose people at Channel Four are very, very naughty people.

Very naughty.

Firstly they buy 'the best TV programmes from around the world' The West Wing, Six Feet Under, The Secret Life Of Us, The Sopranos etc.

Secondly they show season one of these shows at prime times on the free to air Channel 4 to get us all hooked.

Finally they switch season two, three, four etc. onto their pay-to-view E4 channel so you have to either stump up or wait up for it to be eventually repeated on Channel 4

The swines!

Luckily we get E4 - hurray! So tonight we shall be watching Six Feet Under: Season Two: Episode One. Can't wait.

(We caught up on a double episode of The West Wing last night which was fab too)

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