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Friday, September 20, 2002

Guy (and his jokes)...
Whenever I open my e-mail in the morning there is always something to look forward to - jokes, gossip and links from Guy. And this being my first morning back in the office for a while was no different. Here are a couple that took my fancy.

First up was clothes with a message - ties, scarves and boxers with patterns on them of nasty diseases (all available from Infectious Awareables). I especially like the Syphilis ties, the Herpes scarves and the Anthrax boxers (for some reason).

And second up was the Fox Chicago TV station that is producing a new reality show called The Experiment: Gay and Straight where five openly gay people will be locked in a house with five straight people for a week with cameras on them a la Big Brother. You can vote for which contestants are chosen to take part.

Thanks, Guy. Keep 'em coming!

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