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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

The Webmonkeys ft Davo…
It was Dave’s last night at The Retro Bar Popteasers Quiz last night. Dave is doing Europe over the next couple of months. By doing it I mean he is bussing to a zillion cities but only spending 5 minutes in each one. He's passing back through London in June.

The gang was out in force to see him off. Naturally the lovely and gorgeous Dave was there himself as was the ever knowledgeable yet paradoxically shy David, the deliciously young and nubile Marcus, the Greek Chorus that we know and love as Ian, the looking rather forlorn but still managed a smile David and the ever perky and surprising prudish (!) Iain. Oh, and me.

The quiz was set by the man we know as stalker but better known to his friends and family as James. Quizzes set by guest DJs can be a bit queer but James managed to sprinkle the obscure questions with a few easy ones too. Not that we did very well mind, a measly 14½ out of 20. The winners got 18½ but only won the booby prize of the Pop Idol LP. Ha!

01. Who had a hit with I Walk The Earth?
02. Which Tom Watkins band had a hit with Call It Now?
03. What one hit wonder was recorded by White Town in 1997?
04. Which electronic duo has covered Blondie’s Heart Of Glass?
05. Which Goth band has covered Depeche Mode’s World In My Eyes?
06. Which duo has covered Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time?
07. Which Pet Shops Boys' track was remixed to have a full orchestral intro and put on the B-side of a subsequent single?
08. Which Roxette hit was remixed to have a country and western intro?
09. Who remixed their track Good Tradition to a swing beat?
10. (a) What number is in a Pulp hit? (b) Which band had a hit with Disco Down? (c) What was a jungle hit by Technicolour?
11. What is the value left when you take the answer to 10 (a) apply (10 b) and then apply 10 (c)?
12. In Kirsty McColl’s In These Shoes how was the man dressed?
13. In Kirsty McColl’s In These Shoes what did the man have outside?
14. In Kirsty McColl’s In These Shoes what was the nationality of the man she granted a request to?
15. Who originally recorded No More I Love Yous?
16. Who originally recorded Baby Now That You Found Me?
17. Who is the group playing on Bjork’s Play Dead?
18. Who is the group playing on Shirley Bassey’s The Rhythm Divine?
19. Put these Shirley Bassey songs in the correct order of release (a) Goldfinger (b) Moonraker (c) Hey Big Spender (d) Diamonds Are Forever
20. Who and with what song ends with the lyrics, “You used to know but now you've forgotten The submarine got stuck to the bottom These are the days so wake up cos this is the time And you know I'm right”?

After the quiz was over we said our goodbyes to Dave and then David, Ian and I went to Bar Code to chew the fat. Strangely enough there was a man there with lighted candles on his head. Bizarre.

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