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Friday, April 19, 2002

I disgust myself...
I did something so disgusting on Wednesday night that I can't bring myself to tell you about it. It was so vile, so yucky, so out of character and so outrageous that Marky almost had a fit from laughing. He was embarrassed too and he wouldn't even walk with me on the way home. I will never, ever, ever be able to go there again. And I'm truly ashamed. I'm blushing even now. Ok I was a little drunk. But that's no excuse.

What do you think I did?


  1. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Hi, just started reading your blog. What did you do???

  2. I was at a kebab house waiting for a take away and rather absent-mindedly walked over to the mirrored wall opposite the counter. I peered closely at it studying my face closely and then popped a particularly large zit. The entire shop watched as white pus spurted all over the mirror. I turned back to face the counter as one of the assistant came out with some mirror spray and a clothe to wipe all the mess off the mirror.


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