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Friday, April 26, 2002

Swish of the day...
David was planning on doing his walk across London today as it's his birthday on Sunday (go wish him Happy Birthday!). I was wondering how he was getting on so sent him a SMS offering hot soup should he be passing (it's raining hard and very cold outside).
12:15:"Hope you've got your wellies on. Hot soup available if you're passing Mayfair!"
12:16:"I am in IKEA. I must be homosexual after all! The weather and sheer laziness have caused me to scale down my ambitions."
12:22:"So you're walking to IKEA? Want me to blog that for you? :)
12:23:"Go ahead!"
12:31: "And what are your plans for the next three days?"
12:33:"Duckie tomorrow. RVT Sunday"
12:37: "It is the weather for Duckie (groan)"
13:11:"Just been to the hindu temple"
13:20: "Say hi to Vishnu for me."
14:15:"Just got lost in a scary housing estate in brent. Am in willesden, planing on hampstead, but pouring again. Hmmmm"
14:21: "I'm lost in scary Oxford St trying to find you a birthday present!"
14:33:"Try BOND street, darling!"
15:01:"Uh oh. Huge BLACK storm clouds coming!"
15:08: "Swim! Mr Sim"
15:12:"Thunder and lighning very very frightening. Me! Hampstead heath not the best idea in a storm"
15:19: "Hailing here!"
15:52:"I am in a spaniard! Or the Spaniard's Inn. Turnip dick. Or Dick Turpin."
16:15: "Getting swish cottage pie-eyed?"
16:18:"Ha ha. I like the cottage pie joke"
16:28: "Sunshine on a rainy..."
16:30:"Zoe. Four seasons in one day?"
16:35: "Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard Or do I sing like a bird released"
16:37:"Everywhere you go"
16:37:"You always take the leather!"
16:38: "Tall, blonde, dark and lean Rough and tough and strong and mean"
16:39:"Gee, thanks!"
17:01: "Coming into town for a quickie? It is your birthday weekend after all!"
17:28:"God! This is so so SO beautiful. Still on the heath around kenwood. Seem to have done a huge circle but i dont mind. Blue skies, sunshine, spring greens. Ah!"
17:41: "Wait for it... Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!"
18:25: "At suicide bridge, archway. My journey ends here. No, not in THAT way!"
18:31: "Roger. Over and out. (Bit like how you ended it, no?)"

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