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Friday, April 12, 2002

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I've been listening to a bunch of new stuff on my CD player today. So he's my trusted "Review In One Sentence" ® in a diagonal of hits. (BTW PSB and Cornershop are on Later With Jools Holland tonight)

Marianne Faithful - Kissin' Time : A great return to form from the croaky voiced one with loads of featured artists (Beck, Blur, Billy Corgan and Jarvis Cocker).

Cornershop - Handcream For A Generation : Upbeat and great for a sunny afternoon it reminds me of early Talking Heads.

Anastacia - Freak Of Nature : The Diva with the sense of humour belts them out in a surprisingly listenable and catchy clutch of songs.

Roland Gift - Roland Gift : These eleven self-penned songs by the ex-Fine Young Cannibal will probably fail to set the world alight - which is a shame as his voice is as wonderful as ever.

The Clash - The Singles : A welcome remastering and reissue of the punk rockers opus got a few people in our office singing along to Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

AnotherLateNight - Zero 7 : Zzzzzzzz (grab the duvet and snuggle as you float off with this fourth remix collect from the ALN albums).

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