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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

She’s Leaving…
On Saturday night I tootled along to The Marlborough Head in North Audley Street (a gothic/punk theme pub if you could imagine such a thing) to wish Bryn a fond farewell. She was returning to San Francisco after a three week stay in London. It was sad to see her go but we certainly had fun sending her off. I think Bryn had enjoyed her stay and was still hoping to come back to London to live.

The only two people I knew when I first arrived were Ben and Chris. But it was very nice to meet Andrea, Denise, Peter and Katia too. In fact it turned into a bit of a Marc Almond fan club meeting in the end. Hanko’s name kept cropping up too (Hi Hanko!) as did Dave’s (Hi Dave!).

Katia, who lives in St Petersburg was lovely. And very glamorous. She said that she reads this site all the time (Hi Katia!) which was nice. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet her again in Amsterdam or Brussels.

Drew turned up later on and he and I headed off into Soho to Bar Code and then on to Central Station to play pool. The less said about what happen after that the better. I had to spend all of Sunday in bed!

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