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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Diary dates for the Football World Cup 1st Round...

England vs. Sweden, 10:30, Sunday 2 June
Which is fine because it's a Sunday and not too early! Is Marcus a football fan I wonder? We shall soon see. It's The Golden Jubilee that weekend though and Purple in the Park too the night before so we may be feeling a bit delicate that Sunday morning. Nothing 'hair of the dog' won't cure though!

England vs. Argentina, 12:30, Friday 7 June
Means that we can work in the morning and either have the rest of the day off or have a long lunch break. No doubt this will be a bit of a grudge match for reasons to numerous to mention here.

England vs. Nigeria, 07:30, Wed 12 June
Can we watch the match before going to work (should be over 9:15)? Of course we can! Later that evening it's Sports and Shorts and both Kit's and Gordon's birthdays so we mustn't get too bladdered too early! Fat chance!

So actually the first round matches are on the whole pretty convenient. Hurrah!

[Thanks to Marky for the heads up and most of the comments]

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