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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Luton Town 3 - 4 Arsenal...

It had the makings of a classic freezing cold Tuesday-nighter in scruffy Luton Town. And oh my goodness, it delivered.  What a game!
Thrilling play
Neck and neck scoring
Missed chances (on both sides)
Great goals (on both sides)
Aggressive opposition
Awful refereeing 
Last gasp winner by us!
Declan Rice is an utter utter star. He will win us big.  
Those goals...
Martinelli (20' mins) 0-1
Osho (25' mins) 1-1
Adebayo (49' mins) 2-1
Gabriel Jesus (45' mins) 2-2
Barkley (57' mins) 3-2
Havertz (60' mins) 3-3
Rice (90'+7' mins) 3-4
"Shit Stanford Airport, you're just a shit Stanford Airport" LOL


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