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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Le Relais de Venise…

Had a nice little trip in to the City for an early steak supper. 

The place was Le Relais de Venise. You’ve heard of it right? Everyone has. Well, apart from me! 

I’d never been to it before. And it’s fab.

No menu as such, they just bring you a salad and steak and chips and it was gorgeous.

“Le Relais de Venise first opened in 1959, offering you the traditional French bistro meal of steak-frites as the only main dish. You receive our simple set menu of a walnut salad with mustard vinaigrette to start, followed by two servings of steak-frites with our famous house sauce. You can choose from a selection of French wine, cheese, and freshly in-house made desserts.”

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