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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Postman Pat On The Back…. @gaygooners @arsenal - Read on ->

I was a few streets away from where I live in Highbury walking back from the supermarket and a postman, doing his rounds on the other side of the road, started waving his arms at me.  I thought he had maybe left something with my neighbour and was letting me know, so I crossed the road to talk to him.
"Hello", he said.
"Hi", I replied.
"I thought I recognised you. I just wanted to let you know, I took my two girls to the women's game last week - and was at the Liverpool game too with some of the guys from Mount Pleasant - and we all saw you both times on the screen.  We all thought you did a really good thing. Well done. Great to see it."
"Thank you", I replied, "the club are really supportive of us. The gaygooners"
"Yeah? Well, that's great. Really great"
"See you" 
And off he trundled. Smiles all round.

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