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Friday, October 01, 2021

No Time to Die : a 3* Bond - Spoiler free comments ...

The good stuff...
Lots of call backs to previous Bond films
Lots of twists
Q is now a major character
Good actors in it
It's good to have Bond films back (i.e. action, car chases, shooting)

The bad stuff...
Way, way too long (it could have lost an hour and been better for that)
The plot was lame / confusing
The script was tepid
The jokes didn't land
The baddie wasn't 'bad' enough - and there were too many of them
Bourne and Mission Impossible films do it all so much better these days
Dan Craig looks his age
Twice I actually said to myself "what the fuck!" at some stupid plot point
It's a sort of mid-range Bond film in the Pierce Brosnan era.
Nothing like as good as Skyfall (high watermark Craig era).


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