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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Erasure @ O2 Arena...

Last Sunday night Stuart, Tim, Andy, Ange, Kev and I (along with the world and his husband) went to see the magnificent Erasure perform at The O2 Arena in London's glitzy North Greenwich.

Ostensibly to promote their new album The Neon the marvellous duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clark put on a great show, as ever, for a very enthusiastic crowd.
Andy bounded on to the stage dressed in a blue corset while Vince wore a simple suit.
For the next 1 hour 45 minutes we were treated to all the hits and more - along with some fan-voted favourites and four tracks from said new album.

The Neon is Erasure's 18th album and is a return to form with lots of banging tunes well-suited to a largely standing venue when people really just wanted to dance, dance, dance baby.  
Whenever another high-tempo hit came on the place erupted again in a sea of cheers, dancing and singing. And the hits kept on coming. It was perhaps the biggest karaoke venue in town.
For the encore the boys were joined on stage by an all-female choir: Funky Voices

Even as the last notes of A Little Respect died away the crowd kept singing it all the way out of the venue, along the street and down onto the Jubilee Line. There is a lot of love out there for these boys.
The full set-list was
Intro: Joe 90 Theme
Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)
Fill Us With Fire
The Circus
Who Needs Love Like That
Nerves of Steel
Blue Savannah
Chains of Love
Turns the Love to Anger
Careful What I Try To Do
Save Me Darling
Shot A Satellite
Love to Hate You
Love Is a Stranger (Eurythmics cover)
Push Me Shove Me
Victim of Love
Oh l'amour (with Funky Voices)
A Little Respect (with Funky Voices)


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