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Monday, October 11, 2021

I Love The NHS….

On Sunday morning I was still coughing badly. 7 days now. But as it was a Sunday, what to do? So I called the local pharmacy at 10am and they put me onto iHub - the Islington out of hours GP service. iHub were fab, a GP called me straight back and said I needed some cough mixture (how 1970s!) and some antibiotics and he was sending an E-prescription to my local pharmacy (via The Spine) as we spoke and if I pop down there right now I can pick both meds up. 
He paused and then said, “Whatsmore, I can see you have just celebrated turning 60 so it will all be free of charge for you today! Call me later if you feel any worse”
I do love our NHS. 
I was ill, it was out of hours yet… -> free consultation and free meds in minutes.

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