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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Thailand : Day 7 : Bangkok Grand Palace

Today we hit the Bangkok tourist trail once again, heading back to The Grand Palace. We had tried to get in there the other day but on that occasion had just missed the early closing time. 

We’d also heard the odd rumour that there was a dress code to enter The Palace - a very strict one at that; no bare legs. And we were all wearing shorts! But it was only as we drew closer to the royal entrance that our worst fears were confirmed. We started to see more and more people wearing an item of clothing the Stuart particularly hates... Elephant Pants! 

So of course we all ended up having to buy a pair each to cover up. Stuart was livid (much to everyone’s amusement). 

The Grand Palace itself was lovely, very ornate with lots of gold spires and domes and beautiful Thai architecture. We happily wandered round for a couple of hours taking our shoes off to go and see the Emerald Buddha statue. 

There was a museum too. And a few canons to straddle (Cher-style). 

Eventually our tired legs and the beating heat of the sun got the better of us though, so we returned to our hotel to rest up by the pool. 

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