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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Thailand : Day 4 : Choo-choo Train

Today was a travel day. A ten hour cross-country  bone-shaker of a train ride from Chang Mai down to Bangkok. The Authentic #8 Express. 

The train was authentic alright; the seats were medieval, the diesel fumes over-powering, and the toilet situation best avoided. 

To add to the fun we were both a little hung over from last night. We’d had six or seven pints at ex-pat magnet The Red Lion pub with Andrew and his wife Lek. 

The ‘express’ bit was a bit misleading too. As we seemed to stop at quite a lot of small local stations en route. 

The views were great from the windows though. We climbed up into the mountains, passed extinct volcanoes, and  journeyed through lush green forests. 

Ten hours though...  it was a long day. 

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