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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Star Trek movie elevator pitches...

Trek I: What if Trek came back with a huge FX budget?
Trek II: What if Spock died?
Trek III: What if Spock came back?
Trek IV: What if they time-travelled to the 20th Century?
Trek V: What if they went on holiday? Maybe a bit of camping & a sing-song?
Trek VI: What if Kirk has to be nice to the Klingons? 
Trek VII: What if Kirk died?
Trek VIII: What if the Borg had a queen? And she fancies Data?
Trek IX: What if they visit a cosmetic surgery planet and Geordi can see? And we get Riker to direct it?
Trek X: What if we clone Picard?
Trek XI: What if we start again but with sexy actors?
Trek XII: What if we get Benedict Cumberbatch in as Khan?
Trek XIII: What if we get Simon Pegg to write one?

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