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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thailand : Day 17 : Qatar Airways

Our flights home were with Qatar Airways. Which was unusual for us. We are normally British Airways kinds of travellers (We think they are better than most? We like the livery? Misplaced loyalty? The loyalty scheme via Amex?)

But boy were our eyes opened to an alternative today. 

Qatar Airways are part of the One World Alliance so our BA Avios loyalty points are good to use for them too. Their flight times fitted slightly better for our return trip from Thailand so we thought we’d take a chance. And we were so glad we did. 

Fantastic service onboard, amazing food, a ludicrously hi-tech seating pod, the widest range of films we have ever seen on an inflight entertainment service. And the Qatari airport lounges! Huge! Bigger than most hotels. In Doha, the Qatari parent hub, we had a choice of five(!) to go to. We picked what looked like a good one - and it was bigger than a football stadium. Multiple floors of restaurants, bars, smoking rooms, Wi-Fi, cocoons, beds, leather sofas, games rooms, showers, toilets, tourists information, art work, waiter service through-out, iPad-type devices at every seat, multiple charging options at every seat. Food cooked to order, booze flowing freely, and that kind of customer service that makes you feel good. All thrown in. 

 We will definitely be flying them again! 

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