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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 8: Mayan Riviera to Chichen Itza: Get Your Coati, Dancing at the Hacienda...

We planned to have a lie-in this morning but was woken up by something moving in the gloom of the room. I fumbled for my glasses but when I made a move it darted - fast. It really made me jump. It was furry, dark brown and about two foot long with a long tail. It scaled the wall of the room with the fruit from our basket and stolen sugar sachets in its mouth (it left the Splenda though - don't blame it). It then took one look back at me with black glistening eyes and then scurried out through the gap between the top of the wall and the thatched roof.

Later on we discovered it was a coati (a sort of raccoon). Apparently it likes to nick stuff from the rooms. 

(Stuart sympathized, he does the same with the toiletries!) 

After checking out of our hotel we drove up to Chichen Itza to spend the night in a Hacienda. 

The place was rather grand, old style colonial, and pretty stuffy. 

But lucky us we'd been upgraded to a bigger honeymoon suite! So once the door was closed we had a little dance. Only to discover two gardeners were watching us through the back window. Oops.

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