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Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 1: Mexico City: Arrival...

Stuart and I pitched up at Heathrow T5 nice and early on Thursday to take advantage of the free food, drink and spa treatments in the Concorde Lounge. Having collected enough air miles to stun an ox and with a BA companion voucher to boot we'd booked ourselves a First Class return flight to Mexico for a couple of weeks. 

The journey was fine, long (11 hours), nice enough food etc. Stuart dropped his phone down into the gubbons of his seat though and it took hours to get it out. 

Immigration and security at Mexico City airport was fairly relaxed so we were in our tour guide Francisco's car fairly quickly and on the way to our very glamorous boutique hotel. Free bar, high tech room controls and shower that fought you from all sides were just some of the delights.

Today to start exploring.

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