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Saturday, July 08, 2017

#Proud of #Pride...

I'm not proud of many things. Pride comes before a fall, right? But one thing I am proud of is Pride. Gay Pride. Lesbian & Gay Pride. And I think you should be too.

Many people will ask, quite rightly in their eyes, why do we even need a Lesbian & Gay Pride, or even gay bars - we treat everyone the same here - it's the law, right? And to you I say, if only that were true. Some straight people (the minority) and some (sadly) self-loathing closet cases still feel the need to bully, troll, belittle, insult, kick, abuse, and yes even kill us for who we love. A safe space is sometimes the best we can hope for.

If you're not gay or lesbian you may not know how rare it is to actually feel welcome and safe in a space. And a Pride March offers that space.

And for the people - both gay or straight - that ask sarcastically why can't we have a Heterosexual Pride Day? I say that there is a Heterosexual Pride Day, my friends, there is... the other 364 days of the year.

So join me in celebrating this weekend something that deserves celebrating; Pride. Because we can all take pride in a country that not only allows its citizens to celebrate being lesbian or gay but also supports them in doing so. So many other countries don't allow even a Pride March to happen.

This weekend listen to some Kylie, engage with some politics or just have a brightly coloured cocktail on me. You've much to be proud of.

Happy Pride everyone.

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