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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Mari Wilson...

Last Sunday night Darren, Stuart and I went to see Mari Wilson in Shepherd's Bush's glitzy Bush Hall.

Known as Miss Beehive, Neasden Queen of Soul Mari Wilson is perhaps best known for her 1982 hit Just What I Always Wanted and her distinctive beehive - though she has long ago changed her former trademark hairstyle.

Promoting last year's Pop Deluxe album of 1960s standards and celebrating 35 years in the business Ms Wilson put on a simply fantastic show. Funny, personable and note-perfect we were treated to top night of entertainment by a gal still at the top of her game.

The sell-out audience hung on her every word - for it was a standing room only gig - even original backing singer of The Wilsations Michelle Collins (Cindy from EastEnders) was consigned to the bar.

One of the highlights of the night was a special guest appearance by Marc Almond who was almost boyishly bashful as he joined Mari on stage for two duets - I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten and I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself. Marvelous.

But for me the show stopping moment was Mari's haunting version of 24 Hours from Tulsa. A tear was in the eye and you could hear a pin drop. As the last note faded the crowd were on their feet as one in rapturous applause.

Top, top night.

The set-list was:

Baby It's True
Always Something There to Remind Me
You're My World
Are You There (With Another Girl)
Don't Sleep in the Subway
White Horses
In Private
Beat the Beat
I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (duet with Marc Almond)
I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (duet with Marc Almond)
Am I the Same Girl
Anyone Who Had a Heart
The Look of Love
Wonderful To Be With
24 Hours from Tulsa
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

Cry Me a River
Love Man
Just What I Always Wanted



  1. What a lovely, lovely review. Thank you.

  2. No, thank you. It was a lovely, lovely show.

  3. Yes, 24 Hours From Tulsa was beautiful... just like the rest of this amazing show! By the way, there were many seats at Bush Hall. But late comers had to stand at the back or the sides. Lucky me had a seat on rom 6 or 7!


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