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Monday, June 19, 2017

Juniper Manor...

Last Friday night Stuart and I went to experience Gingerline's latest immersive experience at a hush-hush location along London's glitzy East London Overground Line.

Gingerline is a secret dining club. They tell you at 4pm on the day where to go. It is always somewhere on the East London Overground Line ("Gingerline"). This was a gin themed one called Juniper Manor.

The night was sponsored by Sipsmith - appropriate for the gin-soaked connection - and the foyer was a Gin Palace with a multitude of gin-based drinks on offer. Once the experience started each room offered up not only a scene from the past but also food and a gin cocktail of that era too.

We have done all the other Gingerline events too but we have always kept the trips secret and never written about the content in detail as they ask you not to.

We liked it. Whether it is worth the money or not I think depends a bit on your opinion on spending £68 on a meal / immersive experience. It is fun but for £68, you would probably get a better meal elsewhere - but not a better show!

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