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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Alison Moyet...

Last night Stuart and I went to see Alison Moyet perform at The Round Chapel in London's increasingly-talked-as-(but-not-quite-yet) glitzy Hackney.

Staged as one of the new Amazon Prime Live Events and ostensibly to promote her new album Other the gig was proceeded by a Q&A session.
Alison is amazingly disarming in interviews and talked frankly about living in Brighton, her musical influences, her ADHD, and of her love of decluttering.

As you might expect in a chapel, the gig proper was haunting. Alison was in amazing voice and her new material - such as Reassuring Pinches and I Germinate - sounded fantastic next to her classic tracks such as Whispering Your Name, Only You and the incredible When I Was Your Girl.

A particular standout was new track Other that actually brought a tear to this old wisen codger's eye.

Jazz, disco or just joyous songs about love. This gal has got it all.


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