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Monday, September 19, 2016


Last Friday night Stuart and I went to see the devastating play Yerma at the Young Vic Theatre in London's glitzy Waterloo.

The story stars Billie Piper as girlfriend and then wife of a young couple whose hormones start to kick in and tell her to have a child. As she approaches middle age and no child comes her initially jokey and laisse-faire attitude to conceiving becomes more serious. Her hormones eventually take complete control and end up driving her to some very dark places. Very dark indeed.

Piper is simply amazing and her powerful performance skilfully takes you on her tragic journey with her.

The production is great too with the action all taking place in a huge glass box. The sound in particular is excellent with each breath, each sigh, and each pause filling the auditorium.

If Piper doesn't win an award for her performance I'll eat my hat.

Highly recommended.

(Just after we left we got an email form the Young Vic with information about how to contact the Samaritans. Yes, it was that powerful.)

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