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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Bye, bye Virgin. - Hello Sky.

Even though the new Virgin Media six-tuner V6 box is soon on the horizon (pun intended) I've just had enough of VM. I've been a  loyal customer since the old Cable London days but their prices have gone up and up and the service down and down. Drop outs, outages and slowness.

And being an early adopter it's always annoyed me that VM are always playing catch up to Sky on HD/4k services, mobile features and channels. And with not having Sky Atlantic and the further prices increases this November... well, that was the last straw. So I'm jumping ship.

This morning I took advantage of the latest discounted offer that MoneySavingExpert had on their web site for switching to our satellite friends and guess what? My monthly bill (entertainment, movies, sports, etc.) has dropped from £93 (I had two Tivos) to £41.40! Same channels (even more in fact) but less than half the cost. And that's for their super, whizz-bang Sky Q 2TB 4-tuner bundle with a Sky Q mini for multi-room. £10 installation and job's a good 'un.

I've signed up to Sky for 12 months (the MSE deal allowed for 12 months not 18 months) and may switch back to VM after that if VM offer a good deal to do so.

I'm sorry to leave VM. And maybe Sky's customer service will be better than VM, maybe it'll be worse - but you can't really argue with the cost saving.

PS: I'm keeping my Virgin broadband though as I get 200MB+ and Sky can't match that at the moment.

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