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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

March for Europe...

We were marching last Saturday through central London. Why? Well, not because I think I can change the outcome of a vote. I can't. Britain is leaving the EU that much is clear. No, I was marching because I could. Because I was allowed to. Because I felt strongly enough about something to protest about it. Sure I'm anti-Brexit but I'm also pro-European and anti-hate.

I love Europe, I really do. And I wanted to help send out a message that Europeans are welcome in this great country of ours. We want them, we need them.

And because the EU has helped maintain the peace in Europe over the past 50 years it means that anyone else can march, can protest in their own EU country. A freedom worth celebrating. And peace is something worth celebrating too, right?

So there we were, surrounded by 50,000 other like minded people indulging in that odd mix of protest and celebration that the British do so well. Passive aggressive protesting!

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