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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New York, New York.,.

So we've arrived in the Big Apple. Just. Blimey that was a bumpy flight. Sure, the Valium and alcohol helped take the edge off but it was a rollercoaster ride as we approached the eastern seaboard. I had to hold on to my drink - and my lunch! Naturally Stu slept through it all.
The queue for immigration wasn't too bad at JFK. We had to give your finger prints though. We felt like proper criminals. Cool.
The big yellow taxi to Manhattan was fast and fixed price $45 + $5.07 (for toll + city tax). So not too bad.
The Crowne Plaza Times Square was great. Our Deluxe room was way up on the ear-popping fortieth floor with a great view of the Hudson river. Nice.
We dropped off our bags in out room and headed out the door straight into the madness of Times Square on shopping's maddest day of the year, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).
After grabbing some pizza on 8th and 42nd we took the subway down to Christopher Street for a beer or three. We initially headed for The Dugout which rather than the bear bar we were expecting in fact had turned into a rock bar. A gay rock bar? Who knew? We had just one beer there and then headed up the street to the Hangar bar. This was much better - it was way busier, had better music and the predominately black clientele were much more friendly. To polish the evening off we popped across the road to Ty's for a night cap. They had The Wizard Of Oz on the big screen so we watched that to the witch melting end before heading off into the cold night air.
Once back in Times Sq we dropped into Walgreens pharmacy to pick up some essentials - weird tasting toothpaste and weirder tasting mouth-wash. Strange that pharmacies here sell cigarettes.
We slept like babies.
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