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Monday, November 29, 2010

And We Ain't In Kansas, Neither...

The good thing about flying east is the jet-lag. No really. It works in your favour. Sure, you may feel a bit tired in the evenings but that's nothing a few shots of coffee or rounds of beer won't fix. And you wake up really early in the mornings so it's easy to get an early start.
So up we got... at the crack of noon.
Yesterday was to be a mystery day. We were booked in for The Accomplice: Village - a similar thing that we did in London a month or so ago run by the same people. It's a sort of treasue hunt on the streets.
We headed down to Greenwich just a little bit before kick-off to get some brunch. As it happened we happened upon a gay diner called Out Of The Kitchen. It set us up nicely for our two and a half hour amble through the Village ahead.
Drunks, drugs, apples, dog biscuits, brooms, crystal balls, mysteries, keys, clues, coffees, emails, phones, laptops, disks, paintings, donuts and hairspray. Confusion reigned despite as our guides Tim, Leo and Crawley best efforts.
It was slightly different from the London version in both style and content but no less enjoyable. Highly recommended with a nice twist in the tale.
On the way back to the Crowne Plaza we got a message from Bryn who was in town with her friend Cora on a business trip. We made plans.
After a barbecue at Virgil's just off Times Sq (a la Bodeans) we headed over to Lexongton to meet the girls in the cocktail bar of the W Hotel.
It was so nice and so unexpected to see Bryn and we had a lot of catching up to do. We laughed and laughed as we knocked back all the cocktails they threw at us.
Not wanting the night to end we headed across the road to the very grand Waldorf-Astoria for more (stronger still) cocktails. I think it would be fair to say we made a strong impression in there. Turns out "Randi Finger's a girl!" I'm surprised we weren't asked to leave!
We finished off the night by running all over the hotel lobby having our photographs taken under various fabulous Christmas trees. Great fun and so nice to spend some quality time with Bryn. Love that gal.
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