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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Weekend In A Nutshell...

Friday: Loved Harry Potter 7a. Just like the book; dark, moody and threatening. Body count pleasingly high. Intense in tents. One for the fans.

Friday: Loved Eastenders + Coronation Street = East Street on Children In Need. Great idea of half the cast swapping soaps for the day.

Saturday: Had posh brekkie of champagne and pate before the Arsenal game with Paul. I like to get the celebrations in early #arsenal #spurs #emiratesstadium (Oh. I spoke too soon 2-0 up at HT and we fucked it up losing 2-3 to Spurs)

Sunday morning: Not too early is it? (hic) — at Vinopolis with Stuart (using Darren and Mark's birthday gift of wine tour for two)

Oh, and here is the Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer:

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