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Sunday, November 28, 2010

If You Can't Get It In Here...

The nice thing about flying east is that jet-lag works on your favour. You wake up early in the mornings raring to go and if you flag a little in the evenings then a cup of coffee or couple of beers keeps you going.
So awake early it was. And we would have been up early too but forced ourselves to stay in bed to acclimatise to EST- hard life, huh?
Once we did venture forth we took the red 1 subway train down to 18th St and hopped across to our favourite diner on 8th Ave - The Dish - for some breakfast. Big welcome, big portions.
There's a little clothing store right on that block too that Stu likes called Brooklyn Industries so we stopped off to pick up some t/shirts and trousers for him as we were in the area. Like you do.
We then jumped back on the downtown train to the end of the line South Ferry so we could walk through Battery Park and take some pictures across the river to the Statue Of Liberty.
We then made our way up past Wall St. to Ground Zero. To be honest things don't seem to have changed much at the World Trade Center in the four years since we last peered over the site. But I guess it's all going on underground. There were some very moving tributes near the site and there'll no doubt be an appropriate visitor's centre once it's all completed.
Overlooking WTC Plaza is our favourite discount department store Century 21. Let the shopping commence. Stu was mainly looking for underwear. I was after t/shirts. The shop wasn't quite as busy as I'd have thought it would have been - what with it being a Saturday and the craziness of the Christmad season was kicking off. Still, we were pleased to be out of there.
Bags in hand we took the train back up to Times Sq. to do a drop off before heading out for some lunch. $10 burger + beer at Charley O's. does ever eatery in New York have a flat screen showing sports?
Then on the next block down we popped into American Eagle to do some more serious pounding of the credit cards. Rather like A&F the music was way too loud and the staff way too perky but we coped. Just. Shirts, hoodies, pants, hats, gloves...
Back in oir room we had a much needed post purchasing lie-down later in the afternoon and readied ourselves for the night ahead. Disco naps are the new rock and roll.
We ate in Hell's Kitchen at the Chelsea Grill - Plymouth Gin cocktails to start, a half rack of ribs, inch thick pork chops and all washed down with Brooklyn Pilsner. Yum.
We then bar hopped - Barrage (youngish crowd, all on smart phones), Rawhide (older crowd, a go-go 'boy' stalking the bar top a la Ugly Coyote looking for money to be stuffed in his skimpy shorts), Barracuda (cute crowd, packed to the gills) and finally The Eagle (three floors of darkened industrial fun - muscles, leather, sweat and tattoos). Heavens.
We eventually fell into a cab and made it home in one piece. I do love New York.
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