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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blondie at Kenwood...

Last Saturday night Paul, Simon, Tim, Andy, Stu and I went to watch Blondie perform an open-air concert at the picnic event at Kenwood House.

It was a lovely hot summer's day, the Carluccio's picnics were gorgeous and we had quite a good view from our premiem deckchairs.

The support act was Little Fish. Ok I guess.

Finally Debbie Harry and the boys came on stage - DH with her trademark blonde hair, diamanté studded sunglasses and more than enough attitude to belies her 64 years.

It was great show. They sang, we sang. They danced, we danced. They sang some more.

The set-list - as far as I can remember it - was:

Hanging on the Telephone
The Hardest Part
Love Doesn't Frighten Me At All
Two Times Blue
The End, The End
Fade Away and Radiate
Picure This
What I Heard
Orchid Club
Mother In The Night
The Tide is High
Uprising (a Muse cover)
Call Me
You're Too Hot
Rapture (a rather extended version)
No Exit
One Way Or Another
Break Your Heart (a Taio Cruz cover)
Heart Of Glass
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (a Michael Jackson cover)

More pix here.

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