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Friday, June 04, 2010

Hi NRG...

I love Hi-NRG music and these are some of my favourite songs:

Hit And Run Lover - Carol Jiani
So Many Men, So Little Time - Miquel Brown
Where Is My Man? - Eartha Kitt
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish
High Energy - Evelyn Thomas
Searching (I Got to Find a Man) - Hazell Dean
I like Plastic - Marsha Raven
I Love Men - Eartha Kitt
If You Could Read My Mind - Viola Wills
Love's Gone Mad - Seventh Avenue
I Like You - Phyllis Nelson
Two of Hearts [European Mix] - Stacey Q
One Night Only - Scherrie Payne
Whisper to a Scream - Bobby Orlando (Bobby O)
Savin' Myself - Eria Fachin
Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez
Can't Take My Eyes off of You - Boys Town Gang
Unexpected Lovers - Lime
Voyage, Voyage - Desireless
Voyage - East To West
I'm Living My Own Life - Earlene Bentley
Masquerade - Evelyn Thomas
Love's Gone Mad - Seventh Avenue

Oh and let's not forget...
Love Eviction - Quartzlock
Weekend - Class Action
Break 4 Love - Raze


  1. Great list!

    And let's not forget:

    On a Crowded Street- Barbara Pennington
    Cruisin' the Streets- Boystown Gang (especially the "Cruisin', Rejected, The Pickup, Busted Mix")
    Who Knows What Evil- Man 2 Man
    Turning My Back and Walking Away- Carol Jiani
    I'm Living my Own Life- Earlene Bentley

    When one of these songs comes on my iPod on shuffle my spirits just soar...

  2. Good additions. Thanks! I must dig out my Barbara Pennington stuff again.


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