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Friday, January 16, 2009

Windows 7...

For 'fun' I downloaded and installed Microsoft's much trumpeted Windows 7 beta last week. I installed it on a home PC and also (rather rashly according to my colleagues) on my work PC too. I find Vista a pain in the arse and this was a bit of a last ditch attempt with Micky Mouse Windows before deciding if I should move back to Windows XP or indeed persevere with my recent flirting with Linux.

And do you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. On my home PC Windows 7 is faster than Vista. It seems to do everything I'd want of it and those annoying UCE pop-ups seem to be all but banished.

On my work PC the upgrade was also painless and most things seem way snappier. My performance Index is 5.9 rather than 5.0 and the only slight gripe I have with it is that I have to run anti-virus software AVG (as I do at home) rather than the corporate imperative McAfee but no doubt that will get resolved soon.

So first impressions are good. It's so the operating system Vista should have been.


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    I am testing it myself (at home only, quite happy with XP at work) and I agree with you on the whole. I love the Apple dock (or whatever they call it in WindoSpeak) ripoff!

    I don't think Windows 7 is going to be groundbreakingly revolutionary, but really anything is better than annoying Vista.

  2. Yes, Micirosft don't really do revolution. It's more evolution.

    Or as they used to call it, "embrace and extend"!


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