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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colonel Mustard...

I have a confession to make. I love condiments. Mustard in particular. My eyes start to water... my palate stings.. my nasal passages become inflamed...

In my fridge I currently have twenty or so different bottles, tubs and jars of the stuff. Not only do I like mustard as a condiment to have with meat, vegetables or in sandwiches but also as an ingredient in cooking. Mustard roast, mustard mash and mustard salad dressing are all favourites.

I've loved every mustard I've come across so far in fact; Dijon mustard, English mustard, wholegrain mustard, honey mustard, French mustard, American mustard, hundred's of favoured mustards, horseradish mustard, beer mustard... The list goes on.

My favourite mustard though is an eleven spice French vinegar mustard known as Savora. I have been known to travel back from France with a dozen jars of the stuff. Luckily they sell it in Sainsbury's now (albeit under the Colemans brand and at greatly inflated prices). Amazon.com have started to sell it. I wonder if amazon.co.uk will follow suit?

When we went to Nice a few years back I had the cheek to take some Savora to a restaurant. Another diner saw me put some on my plate and asked if she could have some too. Before we knew where we were half a dozen tables had used it - much to the restaurant owner's dismay. Spread the love, that's what I say.


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    no wonder you are hot stuff :)

  2. Have you been on a pilgrimage to the Colman's Mustard shop in Norwich?

    It used to be in a lovely old part of town, but when a new shopping centre was built, they moved it.

    'Ye Olde Mustarde Shoppe' and Disney-stylee does not quite have the same cachet, but they do stock a lot of the stuff?

    Looks like you like the pre-mixed stuff, the powder made up with cold water is hotter apparently!

  3. Thanks Lymphomaniac. No, I've not been to Coleman's in Norwich. Sounds like a trip might be in order. With a large van to buy the entire stock! :)

    I do mix my own too. And occasionally eat the powder when no one's looking. :)


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