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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brian Gittins: Roadside Cafe Owner...

Ben came over last night and we went out for a beer, a bite to eat and to see some stand-up comedy; Brian Gittins: Roadside Cafe Owner at the Hen and Chickens

Here's the spiel: "My name's Brian Dennis Gittins and I run a roadside cafe near Pyecombe. I've been winging it on the circuit for a year or so now, since some of the cafe regulars said I was "quite funny". Anyway, I've done some gigs with Ricky Gervais recently so I can deal with up to one thousand heckles per night. And if it all goes tits up, my mate Angelos Eppethemiu (who does my gutters) will do some magic for ya."

Also on the bill was Tim Key - a comic poet with a nice line in acerbic wit.

Very funny.

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