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Monday, January 12, 2009

I Love Lloyds TSB...

I love Lloyds TSB. Why (you may ask)? Aren't they one of those slimy banks that we now all own part of? And of course you'd be right. But what have they done to make me break out in this unusual rash of good will towards them?

Well, not only have they yet again cut my mortgage interest payments following the latest Bank Of England interest rate 0.5% cut but I just had a great chat with their insurance people. The reason for my call was that my annual home contents and buildings insurance is up for renewal this month and I needed to let them now that I how have an extra bedroom and bathroom to insure; my new loft conversion. So I was expecting a big jump in my premium. Instead they said that they'd keep it at the same amount as last year. Something about "no increase in square footage" and "maintaining it's multiple use". Fab.


  1. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Didn't you hate them during a bank mix up last year?

  2. The very same.


    I love Lloyds TSB
    I hate Lloyds TSB
    I love Lloyds TSB
    I hate Lloyds TSB...

  3. Anonymous12:41 am

    Of course, them being so "nice" to you had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are (I'm sure) always on time with your payments and a "Prime risk" for mortgages....just the type they DON'T want poached by another bank. Coz lets face it, its people like you who are the only ones IN the mortgage market at the moment!

    PS: Did you bother getting quotes from any other insurance companies? I have a funny feeling they may say the same thing....

  4. I did look at some others but Lloyds TSB seemed to be one of the cheapest. I don't like insurance on the whole - money for old rope. But sadly some things need insurance; cars (when I had one), mortgages...


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