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Thursday, January 15, 2009

F***king Men...

Last night Stu, Mark, Hudd and I went to the Kings Head Theatre in vibrant Upper Street to see a new gay play called F***king Men. Actually I think it was called Fucking Men but the posters were being a little coy.

It was an American story introducing us to the (sex)lives of ten gay men who were all related to each other by sex. A met B, B met C, C met D... ... I met J and J met A to complete the circle. We had a rent boy, a soldier, a teacher, a student, two guys in a relationship (one of whom was a banker), a porn star, a playwright, a movie star and a TV interviewer.

The play was sexy, mildly insightful, risque but never coarse. Oh, and very funny. The mainly gay audience seemed to find themselves reflected up on the stage in numerous scenes.

Best bit: the plainly autobiographical playwright talking about his own gay play.

Nice to go see a gay play which a) is funny, and b) the characters weren't punished for having sex.

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