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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catch Up On My Week...

This last week just gone has been fun so far. With lots going on. Sort of the way I like it really.

It started quietly enough. Friday I stayed in (my choice) to spend some quality time with me, myself and I. Glass of wine, posh nosh and a DVD. Marvelous. I do like my own company. Which is something I'd probably not have said barely six months ago.

On Saturday Drew, James and I went shopping and then had an afternoon sipping Vina Sol and playing Top Spin 2 and Project Gotham Racing on the Xbox 360. Great fun. James is such a nice guy. He and Drew make a great couple.

In the evening Matt was having a dinner party which I turned up a little late to (oops!) but again was great fun and it was so nice to meet all his friends. Naturally the food was great and the Mattster was the perfect host.

Sunday I had a bit of a hangover (note to self: avoid Hungarian liquors - especially if I was the one who'd bought it in the first place!) but was spritely enough to meet Stuart for a coffee in the afternoon. That turned into a beer though... or two.. and that turned into Horse Meat Disco... that turned into Marvelous.. that turned into 4am. Yikes!

So Bank Holiday Monday saw a major hangover. Drew and I crawled out of bed at the crack of noon and onto our respective sofas to watch Da Kath and Kim Code and Saturday's Dr Who. And we only popped out for the briefest of pints in the Eddie for some hair of the dog.

Back to work Tuesday then in the evening I was playing catch up with Paul - lots going on in his life so it was nice just to sit and chat.

Last night was a weird one. Went down to meet Darryl (and Chris) in the Eddie and who should be there but Mark (my ex who I'd not seen him in 11 months). We had a nice chat actually and promised to meet proper. Good. It was something that had been on my mind.

Then when I got in I had some super news waiting for me (more of that anon).

So all in all a nice week so far. And tonight after voting in the local elections I'm hooking up with Frank and Andy which will be even more fun.

So a nice few days of enjoying life.

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