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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brain Teasers...

1) My bath has two taps and a plug hole. The cold tap on its own fills the bath in 18 minutes, the hot one in 15 minutes. The plug hole can drain the bath in 10 minutes with the taps off.

How long will the bath take to fill if I leave both taps on with the plug left out?

2) If I buy a melon and a coconut, the cost will be £1.19. If I buy a melon and a pineapple, the cost will be £1.45. If I buy a coconut and a pineapple, the cost will be £1.40. What are the individual prices?


  1. Anonymous11:54 am

    2) melon 62p, coconut 57p, pineapple 83p.

  2. Give the man a banana!

  3. Anonymous11:28 pm

    1) It's totally irresponsible in this time of water shortage and forecasted drought and it'll take 45 minutes! And another thing: the hot tap flowing faster than the cold? Miraculous.

  4. Ha ha. Give the man a hosepipe!


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