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Friday, February 17, 2006

Kim Weston...

Last night Darren., Stuart and I went to see soul diva Kim Weston bring her own special piece of magic to London's Jazz Cafe. Kim Weston was one of the greatest, although mostly unsung, female vocalists on Motown records during the 60's. She is perhaps best known for her hit duet It Takes Two with Marvin Gaye.

She arrived on stage in a black, slightly tacky ball gown with loads of sequins, a wig that looked like something Shirley Bassey or Tina Turner had thrown out and a set of lungs you might expect on someone thirty years younger.

It was a great show with lots of humour and songs aplenty.

Sadly she didn't do my favourite though, the angry-shouting-from-the-back-of-the-church classic It Should Have Been Me.

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