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Friday, February 10, 2006

Airport Anxiety...

As is usual for me I'm heading to the airport by train but feeling nervous as hell. Taking a flight really doesn't get any easier for me. Or to be more accurate the very idea of taking a flight doesn't get any easier. It's all mental really.

Someone mentioned I should try the 'tapping technique' but not really knowing what it is or how to do it I've been simply tapping my forefinger finger on different parts of my face and forehead furiously. While gently distracting for me it seems to have had a big effect on my fellow train passengers; I'm now getting very odd, serupticious looks and odd whisper. So that's left me feeling not only anxious about my flight but mildly paranoid too.

I think I'll tap mentally from now on. Less effective but stops me looking a complete tit.

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  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Try thinking about this: your chances of being killed or seriously injured in a car (or on a British train!) are several hundred thousand times higher than on a plane; no wonder my EasyJet pilot mate tells me he would prefer to be "up in the office" than on the ground. Being back on earth is very very dangerous!!!


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