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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Caesar Twins...

Last night Roger, Tom Kevin, Ian, Mervin, Matt and I went to the Comedy Theatre in London's glitzy West End to see the Caesar Twins and Friends.

It was a surreal night of identical twins, acrobatics, muscle, homoeroticism, feathers and water. Naturally we were front row centre.

Why surreal? Well, for starters one of them fell off stage into Ian and Melvyn's laps. Then there was much made of a 1980's chrome and leather chair. At one point one of them jumped off stage and sat next to me and chatted for a bit. The crowning glory was perhaps when we all got filmed and then Matt got called up on stage and took part in a three-way comedy routine (God, I wish I could have taken pictures!). All quite bizarre but really quite good fun too.

For the statistically minded amongst you... Pablo Caesar Born 19.09.1980 at 17.35 pm. Height:1.64. Weight: 55.Kg. Tattoo on the right side. Pierre Caesar Born 19.09.1980 at 17.30 pm. Height:1.64. Weight: 55.Kg. Tattoo on the left side.

And there are some quite revealing pictures here. I especially like this one. And let's not forget this one.

Oh, and we got very wet too. But that's another story.


  1. Marcus you will cream your knickers. Gorgeous bodies.

  2. Anonymous4:54 pm



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