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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Duckie: Keep the Faith...

Last Friday the lovely Martin and I joined the swelling throngs and went to the Tate Britain to see Duckie: Keep the Faith (part of the Late at Tate Britain series). The Salvation Army Regent Hall Band kicked the whole evening off by performing some rousing hymns on the Millbank Steps before marching around the galleries blasting out their particular brand of musical miracles.

As Martin and I entered the gallery we were greeted by giant projections of words of wisdom onto the gallery walls from public artist Martin Firrell. DJ Hushpuppy provided the rather ecletic soundtrack to the night which was hushed only slightly as we entered one of the side galleries to discover table after table real vicars (plus free tea and cakes to boot). A sort of 'grill a Christian' event.

Super talented Christopher Green was roaming around on a soapbox doing a very funny bible thumping comedy vicar - soemthing I hope we'll see more of in some of his shows. Later on we had entertainment from Palestinian songstress Reem Kelani before the night was topped off with gospel illusionist Tommy Angel and his assistant, Miss Direction. Neo-blasphemy with a twist.

All great fun and just a little bit weird in only the way that only Duckie can.

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